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Ancheline Ponds of South Kohala

On the South Kohala Coast at the Waikoloa Beach Resort, among other attractions, is a nature preserve. The ancheline ponds at Anaehoomalu Bay in front of Kolea are preserved for generations to enjoy this natural beauty. At times the colors in these waters can be electric; from day-glow green and orange, to pulsing yellows. Here they are serene with the sunset across the ocean beyond. There is a trail through the ponds to the beach. A walk through here is always an opportunity to stop, breathe, and reflect in these faerie reflecting pools. What might you 'see'? Photo Kloof Photography.

Where in the world is Hawaii?

When you look at it this way you see just how Hawaii is a tiny miracle of a dot right in the middle of the vast Pacific Ocean, and in the bullseye of the Ring of Fire! With the most active volcano in the world, Kiluea, which has sustained the longest continuous erruption, Big Island attracts visitors year round to view nature's extraordinary display of creation. Being at the epicenter (so to speak) does make Hawaii suceptible to tsunamis and earthquakes. Big Island is rocked gently daily by little tremblors, and occassionally by bigger shakers.

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