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Pele stretches under her skirt!

This is an amazing photo I found on the web credited to CK Horne. I love how it shows the new land formation under the water. It also shows why we have had so much 'vog' recently. Normally we don't have 'vog' (volcanic fog) in Kohala, but, in winter our wind patterns shift and when our regular Trades drop and the wind shifts to come out of the south we get 'vog' carried up to the north of the island. Actually the entire Hawaiian island chain experiences this vog coverage under these conditions.

Putting it in Perspective

Putting it in perspective. I like this aerial taken from north of the tip of Big Island looking back south onto Kohala. It shows clearly the topography of the area and why there is no connection of the road between Pololu Valley in Kohala and Waipio Valley in Hamakaua. All the deep valleys and soaring cliffs in between are clear. You can hike from one to the other in both directions but that's for serious and experienced hikers only.

Ancheline Ponds of South Kohala

On the South Kohala Coast at the Waikoloa Beach Resort, among other attractions, is a nature preserve. The ancheline ponds at Anaehoomalu Bay in front of Kolea are preserved for generations to enjoy this natural beauty. At times the colors in these waters can be electric; from day-glow green and orange, to pulsing yellows. Here they are serene with the sunset across the ocean beyond. There is a trail through the ponds to the beach. A walk through here is always an opportunity to stop, breathe, and reflect in these faerie reflecting pools. What might you 'see'? Photo Kloof Photography.

A Whale of a Tail

It's whale season in the rainbow state. Due to high winds all whale watches on the Kohala Coast have been suspended, but, these majestic marine mammals can be seen from shore. Thanks to Mike Neal for this beautiful photo.

Tea Time in Hawaii

I love tea. Zimbabwe is known for high quality teas grown on the slopes of the Eastern Highlands. Here in Hawaii there are tea farmers on the slopes of Mauna Kea, and a tea research station right in Waimea, Kohala. 4PM never rolls around without enjoying this healthful beverage, and how nice to be able to buy local, organic, sustainably grown teas. Available from Mauna Kea Tea Company. Photo Pascale De Groof.

Trulia's #1 tip for Sellers - Staging

It's official. Trulia's #1 item on "the 6 top things sellers should know" 1//8/13
1. Your staging will make or break you.
“Homes that don’t show well don’t close well.”
Your sellers won’t know the importance of staging unless you first, tell them and second, show them.
And that's where Kohala Property excels, because with an experienced Designer in house we know how important this is and we know how to get this #1 point right, first time, and save you time and money. We call it Real Estate by Design.

Kona Nightingales

Donkey's aren't the first thing that come to mind when thinking about Hawaii, or a Kohala Coast vacation. They are here though, and on the highway sometimes, so drive with caution. Our 'Kona Nightingales' were originally domestic draft animals but decendants today are wild. Local Kohala vet, Dr. Bergen, spearheaded a rescue program to capture and relocate these lovely animals from the barren surroundings of Waikoloa Village where they daily wandered into my yard looking for water. Many were adopted by mainland residents, and some locally.

Kawaihae beyond the obvious.

It takes all of 2 minutes to drive through Kawaihae Village - the crossroads to Kohala - and many might miss the charm. That is the charm! It's quiet, unassuming facade, that hides from first glance treasures of deep cultural and historical significance. Like this one. La'au's. Arguably the best fish market on the island, run by a family who have husbanded these waters for multiple generations, and bring to us the freshest, best quality, local fish daily. Like the Village, La'au's is low key, but offers high quality if you have a mind to look beyond the obvious.


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