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Pele puts on a show.

Madam Pele is putting on a show! Island geologists are risking life and limb to learn about the expanded erruption. We are simply enjoying the magnificent show. Photo courtesy Ocean Defender.

Kawaihae beyond the obvious.

It takes all of 2 minutes to drive through Kawaihae Village - the crossroads to Kohala - and many might miss the charm. That is the charm! It's quiet, unassuming facade, that hides from first glance treasures of deep cultural and historical significance. Like this one. La'au's. Arguably the best fish market on the island, run by a family who have husbanded these waters for multiple generations, and bring to us the freshest, best quality, local fish daily. Like the Village, La'au's is low key, but offers high quality if you have a mind to look beyond the obvious.

Developing our pristine shoreline in North Kohala

‎2013, day 1. I had a great start to the year. I did something I have been meaning to do for a long time but... I walked a good long stretch of the shoreline of the Kohala Coast just north of Kawaihae. The area is being developed into an all oceanfront subdivision of vacant lots from 6-24 acres. I wanted to see this stretch of coastline in it's natural state before it all changed. Wow! Stunning. Rugged outcrops of lava stretching into the ocean like arthritic fingers. Deep bays, steep cliffs, caves, an impressive blow hole, a small 'island' and, most surprising ... a beach!

Your smart phone - friend or foe?

There are over 1 billion smart phones in use now. Sounds like a lot, BUT, there are over 5 billion cell phones in use. That means 'growth opportunity' for all things smart phone related. This year (2013) mobile internet use is set to surpass desktop internet use. There are advantages; we might spend more time at home connecting with each other around the dinner table for example, and as Realtors and buyers integrate more on mobile systems, finding homes will get easier. It does come at a price though. Advertising will be hitting your smart phone with a vengeance.

Out with the old - In with the new

I'm a firm proponent of sustainability. Re-purpose, re-use, re-cycle. Where I grew up we never threw anything away. I am often amazed at what is discarded here as worthless. As President of the Association for a large condo complex I am appalled to learn of the contents of our trash dumpsters - often boxed, brand new, unopened and unused; like flat screen TVs, power tools, chain saws, furniture, small case goods, luggage, etc.. The best (worst) had to be a tender - small boat carried on yatchs for safety - still in the box and in perfect condition! We live on an island.

Christmas Holidays Hawaiian Style

It's not about tinsle and snow - make it about toes in the sand! Why not grab a last minute deal and come to the sun for the holidays. Cheap airfares are available, last minute rentals are deals, and if you just want to chill on the beach you don't even need a car (though it would help).

Big Island Beaches - Kohala Coast

Hapuna State Beach Park

Looking to escape the winter chill on the US mainland? Think about this. Hawaii is just five hours away from the West Coast. You can leave on a morning flight and be on a beach like Hapuna by lunch time. A long weekend escape of a longer stay might be just what's needed to get through the rest of the winter State side. Along the Kohala Coast on the Big Island, Hawaii, are some of the world's best beaches and, with direct, non-stop flights from multiple departure points on the mainland, they have never been more accessible or affordable.