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Hawaii Caving Goes Down The Tubes

The Big Island is, well, BIG. She has many secrets; especially below ground. She has beaches, mountains, jungles, deserts, plains, forests, and massive escarpments. You could look for years and not find a fraction of what Big Island has hidden, above and below ground. Here is some of the magesty of the south side. Lava tubes are extensive, running dozens of miles from Kiluea to Kalapana. An experienced guide is recommended. Lava shelfs at the ocean's edge are prone to collaps so staying well back from the edge is a safety imperative. these areas are wild and exceptionally beautiful.

Does being the victor make you happy?

Kilauea's Halema'uma'u Crater smiles to the heavens this morning (photo Paradise Helicopters). Located in Hawaii Volacanoes National Park, the 11th US national ratified by Woodrow Wilson in 1916 and a World Heritage Site, Kiluea welcomes over 2.5 million visitors anually. In Hawaiian mythology Kilauea, which means spreading or spewing, is the body of godess Pele (fire, volcano, lightning, wind) and Halema'uma'u is the scene of her epic battles with the rain god Kamapua'a. He was jealous of her ability to shoot lava into the sky so he cloaked her in ferns and choaked her out.

Tea Time in Hawaii

I love tea. Zimbabwe is known for high quality teas grown on the slopes of the Eastern Highlands. Here in Hawaii there are tea farmers on the slopes of Mauna Kea, and a tea research station right in Waimea, Kohala. 4PM never rolls around without enjoying this healthful beverage, and how nice to be able to buy local, organic, sustainably grown teas. Available from Mauna Kea Tea Company. Photo Pascale De Groof.

What the tax code changes mean to you

Fiscal Cliff - Great outline of updates to the tax code by Saul Klein, NAR.

The 2012 federal income tax rates have been extended permanently for singles with annual income below $400,000 and married couples with less than $450,000 of income. For taxpayers above those thresholds, the maximum tax rate is rising from 35 to 39.6%.

Trulia's #1 tip for Sellers - Staging

It's official. Trulia's #1 item on "the 6 top things sellers should know" 1//8/13
1. Your staging will make or break you.
“Homes that don’t show well don’t close well.”
Your sellers won’t know the importance of staging unless you first, tell them and second, show them.
And that's where Kohala Property excels, because with an experienced Designer in house we know how important this is and we know how to get this #1 point right, first time, and save you time and money. We call it Real Estate by Design.

Mauna Kea Milky Way

Did you know that Hawaii's Mauna Kea on Big Island is the tallest mountain on Earth? And that the Keck observatory at it's summit is one of the most powerful? Or that you can go to the top and into the observatory and see stuff like this? This is the Milky Way from Mauna Kea. Photo by Andrew Hara

Where in the world is Hawaii?

When you look at it this way you see just how Hawaii is a tiny miracle of a dot right in the middle of the vast Pacific Ocean, and in the bullseye of the Ring of Fire! With the most active volcano in the world, Kiluea, which has sustained the longest continuous erruption, Big Island attracts visitors year round to view nature's extraordinary display of creation. Being at the epicenter (so to speak) does make Hawaii suceptible to tsunamis and earthquakes. Big Island is rocked gently daily by little tremblors, and occassionally by bigger shakers.

Kona Nightingales

Donkey's aren't the first thing that come to mind when thinking about Hawaii, or a Kohala Coast vacation. They are here though, and on the highway sometimes, so drive with caution. Our 'Kona Nightingales' were originally domestic draft animals but decendants today are wild. Local Kohala vet, Dr. Bergen, spearheaded a rescue program to capture and relocate these lovely animals from the barren surroundings of Waikoloa Village where they daily wandered into my yard looking for water. Many were adopted by mainland residents, and some locally.