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Kohala Property - location. location. location

The Districts of North and South Kohala on the Big Island, Hawaii are historically significant - the birthplace of King Kamehameha just for starters, highly desirable and valued - top residential and resort neighborhoods, climacticly prefered - sunny and dry, a golfer's dream - the best world class courses concentrated in one area, to name a few...
It is not uncommon for discerning buyers to focus on these two areas in their search for residential or vacation real estate. I think it's just plain smart. These areas have the lowest lava risk and volcanic emissions. Considering the amounts of money buyers have to put down, why not mitigate the risk as much as possible. It's a win win; not only is the area the most desireable for many, but it's the safest too from an environmental standpoint.
Location, location, location. That old real estate mantra. Well, that should weigh in, not just for where you buy, but who you buy with. If you want to buy in Kohala then use a Kohala Broker. Use Kohala Property llc, based in Kohala; they're local, they stay local, they focus local, they support local, they know local.....
Contact Ali Blackmore, Principal / Broker for insight and information. 808-333-0302.

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